Big changes forced by disasters

The milk barn has been pressed into service sooner than expected thanks to a storm wiping my milk shelter and all the waterfowl pens completely off the face of the property. Properly insulating and cooling this thing has become top priority, the goats and I are not enjoying the sauna experience. Thankfully I can bringContinue reading “Big changes forced by disasters”

ASBGA Memorial Day 4 ring dairy goat show

Noteable placings day one: Easton showed his first goat at 4 years old in peewee showmanship. -Desert Diamond What About Love (Angus)(1 yr buck)1st place ring 1 🎉🎉 – Velociraptor Ranch Melisandra (2 month old doeling) 2nd place ring 1 – Velociraptor Ranch Aspen (4 month old doeling) 3rd place ring 2 **Judge pointed outContinue reading “ASBGA Memorial Day 4 ring dairy goat show”

DPS: Duckling Protective Service

We have not gotten the last few items to rebuild the waterfowl enclosure, so they are still in the PEN-etentuary. We have been having random hatches of muscovy ducklings and are having to brood them ourselves as the mom ducks aren’t keeping track of their kids. 🤦‍♀️ first duckling got a chicken foster parent, todayContinue reading “DPS: Duckling Protective Service”