Breeding Season

That’s a wrap folks, just in time to start prep for kidding season! All Does have been confirmed bred. We kick off kidding season in January with Nebula and finish mid March with 4 does all due within 3 days! 😳 Send coffee and check on us. 🤣 We have open reservations on does, so send a PM if you see something you like. We are very excited to see Zero’s first kids this coming spring, he proved his worth this fall. 😍

Ahhh, Fall!

Breeding season is in full swing here and we have some confirmed does already. Nebula looks to be carrying 2, possibly 3 and Willow appears to be carrying 3. I can’t wait for kidding season!! We invested in an ultrasound machine recently, so we are able to keep a closer eye on who took and who didn’t and practice counting kids. Bonus, it’s pretty cool to see baby goats early! 😍
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Soap time!

This came out better than I expected! I should have waited another day to unmold it, it’s still pretty soft right now. Coconut paradise scented goats milk soap bars off to the closet to cure for 30-40 days. I have one more batch of a Cedarwood with walnut shell exfoliant planned as well. It’s been over a year since I made soap, we were getting close to running out! #GOATMILKSOAP #makeallthethings #VelocraptorRanch #VelociraptorRanchCreative

2021 junior doelings

The 2021 keeper Doelings and the two 2021 purchased doelings all got some spa treatment and some training time this past weekend. This was the first time setting up for some of these youngsters, so we are pretty pleased with what we managed to get, picture wise. We are enjoying watching these little girls grow. Spring of 2023 is gonna be WILD with so many first fresheners. 🤦‍♀️🤣 #VelociraptorRanch #ADGA #Buildinganempire #ADGANUBIANS #workharder