Trying new things

Today, we tried something new. I have been training the kids on these new nipples for about a week in the hopes we can make feeding time a little easier. This system should be more efficient and cleaner. We will bottle feed for a few weeks, then switch the kids to this system. The goal of this setup is to be able to let the kids free feed eventually, but we have one piggy girl who would eat it all, so we have to supervise and portion the milk right now. Things are always evolving around here, there is always something new to try or learn.

Sundays outside

Today was a busy day of maintaining the health of the animals. Worming, routine vaccinations and hoof trims for all of our bucks and open does. We also did hooves and health checks on the remaining does that are still waiting to kid. We cleaned the calves’ pen out and built a couple good nests for the geese that have both decided to go broody, hopefully we will have some goslings soon!

The rest of the day was spent on small chores, enjoying our gorgeous weather and spending time with our animals.