New Genetics

Velociraptor Ranch is proud to welcome Kitty’s CTRL-C Crush and Desert Diamond Kama’s Fawn to our breeding program. We are excited to see what kind of offspring these girl’s excellent genetics can help us produce. We are also excited to add a buckling and doeling from Hoanbu Dairy Goats in Ohio. Hoanbu DG Zima Ztacey and *B Hoanbu BLF Zero Tolerance will bring a lot to our herd in the future! Breeding season is coming right up!
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Big changes forced by disasters

The milk barn has been pressed into service sooner than expected thanks to a storm wiping my milk shelter and all the waterfowl pens completely off the face of the property. Properly insulating and cooling this thing has become top priority, the goats and I are not enjoying the sauna experience. Thankfully I can bring some airflow with the big fan. #milkshed #itsHOT #newthings #VelociraptorRanch

Desert ingenuity

Living in extreme climates requires thinking outside the box to solve problems that might not be considerations elsewhere. Fresh Milk should be cooled as quickly as possible to keep it fresh longer. Here in Arizona, that’s easier said than done in 110 degree heat when you have 6 goats to Milk. It just takes time, even with the best and most efficient equipment. I have tried different things over the years, but was never satisfied with the results. I think I finally figured out what works! Many of these little reusable ice rods can be put in my gallon milk jars before I head outside and will cool and keep my milk pretty cold until we come inside and transfer it all to the fridge. Bonus is there are no seams or lids to catch milk in, they rinse nice and clean, unlike frozen water bottles or other things I have tried. They take up less space in my jar and they’re easily santizable and durable. It takes somewhere between 7 and 10 per jar, so ive collected quiet a few of them. I just got the pretty multicolored ones today! #littlethingsbringmejoy #colorful #itsHOT #RAWmilk #onlythebest #VelociraptorRanch

ASBGA Memorial Day 4 ring dairy goat show

Noteable placings day one:

Easton showed his first goat at 4 years old in peewee showmanship.

-Desert Diamond What About Love (Angus)(1 yr buck)
1st place ring 1 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

– Velociraptor Ranch Melisandra (2 month old doeling) 2nd place ring 1

– Velociraptor Ranch Aspen (4 month old doeling) 3rd place ring 2
**Judge pointed out that she has a loose pastern, which will resolve as she ages (and some bosE) were it not for this, he said she would have taken 1st in her breed class. **

-Desert Diamond What About Love (Angus)
3rd place ring 2
-C Marie Creek Jupiter 5th place ring 2
-Desert Diamond True Grit 4th place ring 2
-C Marie Creek Jupiter 4th place ring 1
Desert Diamond True Grit 4th place ring 1

πŸŽ‰Noteable placings from Day 2πŸŽ‰

-C Marie Creek Jupiter: 3rd place ring 4
-C Marie Creek Jupiter: 2nd place ring 3
-Desert Diamond True Grit 3rd place ring 3
-Velociraptor Ranch Melisandre:
Second place ring 3

And of course rock star Angus did amazing.

*Desert Diamond What About Love (Angus)*

First place yearling buck in ring 1,3 and 4

We could not be more pleased with this yearling. Cannot WAIT to see what he does from here. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜¬

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DPS: Duckling Protective Service

We have not gotten the last few items to rebuild the waterfowl enclosure, so they are still in the PEN-etentuary. We have been having random hatches of muscovy ducklings and are having to brood them ourselves as the mom ducks aren’t keeping track of their kids. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ first duckling got a chicken foster parent, today he got 8 more children for his group home. 🀣

Kidding season 2021: that’s a wrap!

Lola snuck a gorgeous doeling out between checks this afternoon. Last I saw, she was sleeping and not a sign of labor. An hour later she had this kid on the ground and clean. 🀣 That puts us at 7 does, 4 bucks for the season!! Now it’s time to get breeding plans for the fall finalized, get bloods pulled for bio-security testing and start all over again!
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